Dr Dan Nightingale looks at the practical use of music and reminiscence therapy (MaRTiS©), incorporating storytelling, in a care home environment.

Martin Hodgson takes a timely look at how to manage body fluid spillages.

Tim Dallinger looks at how medication errors lead to unsafe service provision.

Jim Thomas of Skills for Care explains how their People Performance Management Toolkit can help improve staff performance.

One of the reasons why providers fail CQC inspections is that they do not learn from mistakes and incidents. This article looks at how to improve after mistakes.

In the first of a two-part article on advocacy, Belinda Schwehr, Care and Health Law, sheds light on the complex area of entitlement to advocacy.

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Martin Hodgson looks at the CQC annual report on the state of health.

Tim Dallinger looks at the aspect of Regulation 12 for the fundamental standards relating to working with other agencies.

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